Nexcellence - Lifting you into the digital future

PALFINGER Digitalisation

We are in an age of digital transformation. Our lives and habits are changing for ever, as is the application of products and services as well as the products themselves. At PALFINGER, we are helping to shape the future, as a driving force behind transformation and innovation.

PALFINGER neXcellence

In our new NEXCELLENCE program, we are pooling our core areas of expertise, our new approaches as well as products and services – for the benefit of our customers!

At the heart of NEXCELLENCE is the key question of how we can make work easier for our customers. This is why we always think in terms of solutions that improve support, enhance comfort, increase efficiency and contribute to greater safety.

Connectivity of all our products is the key to success and essential for new, smart services. Enhanced service offerings, based on data that is actively generated by our in-house sensor technology, enable preventive maintenance and real-time monitoring.

New assistance systems improve human–machine interaction, protect the products against incorrect manipulation and make them easier to use.

Simplified controllers and enhanced field-of-vision ensure greater comfort, while additional cameras installed on the crane supply more details and a better overview. Loads are weighed directly on the crane, therefore increasing safety and efficiency.

PALFINGER NEXCELLENCE – Lifting you into the digital future.