Global Cost Improvement

The usage of the Cost Improvement Team points out optimisation potential in processes and offers solutions based on “Best Case” and “Best Practice” simulations for the entire PALFINGER network.


  • Speedy and comprehensive localisation of cost saving potential and
  • Prompt implementation of improvements in the transition to production.


  • Data collection, evaluation and planning tools
  • “Benchmarking”, “Best Practice” and provision of “Task Force” units for “trouble shooting” and “turnarounds”.

The pillars of the Global Cost Improvement Team are:

  • Procurement:
    Determination of target objectives for purchasing costs and “Best Case” and “Best Practice” calculations for procurement parts.
  • Development:
    Provision of support and interface function between Production and Design in the determination of target prices, and “Best Case” calculations for newly developed components.
  • Target Costing:
    Supporting target cost projects on the basis of optimised own production (equipment and production processes, tools, programmes, target cost determination for components on the basis of ”Best Case” and “Best Practice”).