Eco-Efficiency in Production

Energy efficiency and climate protection are relevant throughout the entire production process. PALFINGER is aware of its environmental responsibility and due to self-interest has committed to its goal to continuously economically and efficiently manage resources and minimize hazardous waste.

Efficient use of raw materials

Steel and aluminium are the most frequently used raw materials at PALFINGER. Therefore, their efficient use is of importance to the economic success of the company.

Energy efficiency

As a metal-processing business, PALFINGER is not an energy-intensive enterprise. Nevertheless, improving energy efficiency is part of the continuous optimization of production.

Climate protection

PALFINGER analyses all climate-relevant emissions that are caused by its own energy consumption. Based on these results, measures for climate protection are taken.

Hazardous waste

At PALFINGER manufacturing plants hazardous wastes are being produced, primarily waste from paint jobs, electroplating sludge or hydraulic oil. PALFINGER set itself the goal to reduce hazardous waste yearly.