Responsible Employer

PALFINGER’s employees are a material factor for the Group’s success. Therefore, their motivation, qualifications and, first and foremost, their health and safety are given high priority. Another focus lies with the diversity-project “PALversity”.

Corporate culture

PALFINGER endeavours to offer attractive jobs to its workforce. The corporate culture of the Group promotes a high degree of individual responsibility and gives employees numerous opportunities to contribute their own ideas to the continuous process of improvement.

Health and safety

The corporate health management includes development programmes, fringe benefits, which are both connected to initiatives improving workplace safety and occupational medicine.

Skilled labour

With respect to training, levels differ in the individual countries in which PALINGER operates. The objective is to enhance the qualifications of staff in all countries; to this end, the further training measures are using a targeted approach.

Diversity and equal opportunity

PALFINGER is a long-standing family business with global operations. The further enhancement of PALFINGER’s worldwide approach to dealing with diversity as one of the prerequisites for ensuring the efficiency of the corporate strategy.