Sustainability Management

In order to systematize the road towards a more sustainable future PALFINGER operated a professional sustainability management system at the Group level. It is of utmost importance that the top management regard sustainability as a strategic priority that it is lived by everyone in the company. Sustainability is an integral part of the management’s governance commitment.

By truly embracing sustainability we take responsibility for tomorrow.

Sustainability Process

The integration of sustainability into the strategy pursued by PALFINGER ensures group-wide professional sustainability management. At the same time, sustainability is an integral part of the management’s governance commitment.

Stakeholder Management

PALFINGER recognizes its responsibility in the regions in which the Group operates. 
Besides eco-efficient production, sustainable products and fair business, special attention is paid to the Company's own employees. PALFINGER engages its stakeholders and takes into account the consequences of its business operations along the entire value creation chain, from purchasing raw materials to the operation of its products. 

Sustainable Development Goals 

In 2017, PALFINGER deepened its analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and specified the direct or indirect impact of its own actions on individual SDGs.

Awards and Ratings

The performance, products and reports of PALFINGER are repeatedly honoured with awards and ratings.


Sponsoring and donations are an integral part of PALFINGER’s corporate culture. We are engaged in the fields of sport, education and social.