Sustainable products

Research, development and innovation also increase the sustainability of PALFINGER’s business model. Attention is paid not only to the economic advantages for customers and users; ecological and social aspects are important factors as well. As a result, PALFINGER develops top-quality, reliable solutions that also guarantee a high level of safety for the user.

Continuously lowering service costs while at the same time extending the longevity of its products is one of PALFINGER’s highest priorities. Innovation is encouraged primarily in the areas of energy efficiency during product use, alternative drives, reduction of operating supplies, and product lifecycle assessment.

Product safety and accident prevention 

Numerous innovations focus on user safety in order to prevent accidents, including those that might be caused by improper use of the products. PALFINGER’s products meet all mandatory safety standards, with PALFINGER orienting itself on European standards, also at its international locations. As a consequence, local minimum standards are not only met but in many cases exceeded, particularly in Asian, Arab and African countries. All of PALFINGER’s products are assessed as to their health and safety impacts, and enhancements are made. 

In the reporting period, there were no convictions for non-compliance with safety regulations. Regardless of who is at fault, PALFINGER investigates all incidents with PALFINGER products causing personal damage that come to the attention of the Company. As this also includes damage resulting from faulty operation, i.e. cases in which no legal steps are taken, a good network and safety awareness in the respective countries are vital in order for PALFINGER to be able to find out about these incidents. All accident-relevant information is analysed internally, enabling PALFINGER to further increase product safety – even beyond statutory requirements.

The number of reported accidents resulting in injuries of varying severity while using PALFINGER products sank in the reporting period; three people were injured. Unfortunately one fatal accident, involving a truck mounted forklift in North America, was reported.