P21st Corporate Incubator

P21st stands for recognizing future trends, discovering disruptive technologies, implementing radical ideas, and developing new business models. Our mission is to identify the impact of external influences for PALFINGER in order to derive new opportunities, thereby realizing new potential for our company and so proactively shaping the future.
Courageously explore the unknown, discover exciting opportunities and turn them into reality.


As a corporate incubator, P21st provides the necessary framework and space within the company to explore exciting trends and test unconventional ideas, which in turn open up new business opportunities for PALFINGER. Always in focus: Meeting future needs and new demands of customers and working closely with PALFINGER’s internal development teams and external research partners to deliver these in the best possible way.

Loads will be moved differently in the future. Digitalization and the associated technological developments are gathering pace and accelerating our progress. Autonomous systems, alternative lifting solutions and general developments in the field of disruptive technologies are our daily bread and butter at the Corporate Incubator. Topics such as the circular economy, modularization, urban mining, alternative market access and artificial intelligence are currently at the top of the agenda.


Sustainability and climate change are shaping the times we live in and therefore our business life as well. Economic growth must not be at the expense of our planet’s limits.

How can we, as PALFINGER, organize our activities in such a way that we avoid waste, increase energy and resource efficiency, and reduce our carbon footprint?


In a rapidly changing world, the existing market structures and business models are also changing. Anything-as-a-service (XaaS) and pay-per-use approaches provide and demand new flexibility, with the trend moving from product to service.

Who will our new customers be in the future, where can they be found, what is the best way to reach them and offer them suitable solutions?


Modularization and the trend towards the modular principle are having an impact on our own manufacturing as well as on our customers’ business. Logistics chains are shifting and so are the demands for lifting solutions.

How will we deal with larger loads in the future, how can we adapt our products accordingly, in which sectors will they be used in the future and what might new solutions look like?

   Urban Mining  & RECYCLING

Our resources are dwindling and we need to adopt a sustainable approach. This also means reusing existing materials instead of disposing of them.

Which materials will we recycle in the future, how will they be returned to the cycle, and what (lifting) solutions are needed for this – especially in the construction industry?


Advances in artificial intelligence are a major topic in innovation. The possibilities seem almost endless – and at the same time there are many unanswered questions.

When will artificial intelligence be par for the course? How can it improve our demand planning, predict service intervals and optimize maintenance cycles or support quality control?


We prefer to find the answers to all these questions together – because innovation works best in a team. That’s why we work closely with internal and external partners and are always interested in inspiration and perspectives from outside.



Would you like to shape the future with us? Then share your vision! Whether you are a customer, supplier, partner or do-gooder.

We look forward to your ideas! Perhaps they form the basis for new products, services or business models. We are looking for perspectives that change the way we see things. And we are on the lookout for projects that we can realize together.

This is how we lift PALFINGER and take it to the next level.


Head Of Innovation P21ST

Stefan Kreppel

P21st Corporate Incubator

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