Shareholder meeting

Shareholder Meeting

The general meeting is the meeting of all shareholders. The ordinary general meeting is usually held once a year (§ 120 Abs. 1 S. 1 AktG). Entitled to vote is everyone who is holding an equity share of the company. Moreover there is the possibility to call an extraordinary general meeting.

The key tasks of the Annual General Meeting include:

  • the appointment of the Supervisory Board, which in turn determines the Managing Board
  • the appropriation of the company profit
  • the discharge of the Supervisory Board and the Managing Board
  • the approval of the financial statements (if necessary)
  • the appointment of special auditors
  • the adoption of resolutions on capital measures and amendments to the Articles of Incorporation.

The GM is convened according to fixed statutory regulations and deadlines and is held according to defined rules of procedure to ensure the necessary transparency.

Invitation, agenda and documents

Invitation to the annual general Meeting

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Financial Report

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Report of supervisory board

according to §96 Stock Corporation Act
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Proposed Resolutions

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Remuneration policy of PALFINGER AG

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Declaration According to Sec. 87 Para 2 Stock Corporation Act - Hubert Palfinger

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curriculum vitae - Hubert Palfinger

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gemäß §87 Abs. 2 AktG
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curriculum vitae - Isabel Diaz Rohr

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Proposal for the Appropriation of Profits

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Isabel Diaz - Candidate for election to the supervisory board


PROXY form

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Revocation OF PROXY

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presentation & Report

Annual General Meeting 2018 presentation

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Annual General Meeting 2017 Presentation

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Annual General meeting 2017 Report

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annual General Meeting 2016 Presentation

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annual General Meeting 2016 Report

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annual General Meeting 2015 Presentation

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annual general Meeting 2015 Report

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Annual general Meeting 2014 Presentation

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annual general meeting 2014 report

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Resolutions of the last annual meeting

Voting results 05.08.2020

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financial Calendar

Title City Date from Date to Country iCal
Publication of results for the first three quarters of 2020 Bergheim/Salzburg 30.10.2020 30.10.2020 Austria Download