Together we are shaping the future of our customers’ lifting solutions.

As the world’s leading provider of innovative crane and lifting solutions, PALFINGER accepts the challenges of the present and innovates solutions for the future. To achieve this, the Group relies on its four strategic pillars – innovation, internationalization, flexibilization and PALFINGER 21st (P21st) – to develop new approaches and comprehensive solutions together with customers, partners and employees.

Following the launch of the GLOBAL PALFINGER ORGANIZATION (GPO) in 2019, PALFINGER now acts with rapid and target-driven cooperation across all levels and units. It creates the conditions for efficiently and effectively exploiting synergies within the Group and promptly reacting to changes in the market. The GPO impressively passed its acid test during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

With the tagline “Creating value together”, PALFINGER intensifi es its close cooperation with customers and business partners. Maintaining this close relationship is a core competence and strength of the company. PALFINGER understands their challenges and needs, and makes them its own. PALFINGER thinks beyond the product and develops solutions with additional benefi ts together with and for its customers. PALFINGER creates values together. This vision is supported by the employees who live the company values - entrepreneurship, respect and learning - on a daily basis. That is why PALFINGER supports and encourages its employees in accordance with the tagline: “We value people. People create value”.

To live a vision and consistently implement a strategy requires a high level of leadership. The leadership principles apply to the Executive Board as well as to the Global Management Team and all leadership functions: DRIVE. FOCUS. INSPIRE. EMPOWER. DEVELOP. DELIVER.


Innovation is one of PALFINGER core competencies. Through its close relations with customers, partners, and users, PALFINGER knows each group’s challenges and needs – and joins forces with them to develop the best solutions. To achieve this, PALFINGER uses state-of-the-art technologies along with internal and external networks. The result is innovative, application- oriented solutions that create added value through their entire life cycle (lifetime excellence).

For PALFINGER, internationalization means the opportunity of growing in new markets. Geographical diversification also means spreading the risk, and this plays an essential role in stabilizing the company and increasing resilience in times of crisis. The GPO guarantees that the primary strategic objectives are implemented in every region with the greatest possible effectiveness and efficiency. This global cooperation takes place across all functional areas, product lines, and regions on the basis of transparent processes and management cycles.

Flexibility is founded on a wide sales network and therefore on customer focus, a matrix-type organization, and streamlined processes. This allows PALFINGER to identify volatile market developments at an early stage and to adapt its own capacities and resources accordingly along the entire value chain.

P21st, the innovation incubator of PALFINGER AG, focuses on disruptive innovations, the digital transformation in all its aspects, and on defining new business models. Partnerships and cooperation with both start-ups and leading research institutions play a central role in this. Aligning its topics with the core business guarantees that P21st initiatives build on the competencies of the organization and pursue the same targets.

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