The shares of PALFINGER AG are listed on the prime market on the Vienna Stock Exchange. In Germany, they are traded over the counter in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, and Dusseldorf. Since March 2005, there has been an ADR 1 Level listing in New York. PALFINGER stock is included in the ATX Prime and ATX Global Players indexes as well as the Austrian VÖNIX sustainability index. PALFINGER AG stock has been included in the MSCI Global Small Cap Index since 2018.

Starting from a price of EUR 25.9 at the end of 2020 , the PALFINGER share had a weak start to the year on the stock market at the beginning of January 2021 due to the ongoing global uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. As a consequence, the low for the year of EUR 25.6 per share was reached on January 4. However, the share price recovered quickly from mid-January
onwards and continued to gain until the beginning of June. In the weeks that followed, the share price weakened somewhat before reaching its high of EUR 40.0, steadily gaining strength until October 10. On December 31, 2021 , the closing price was EUR 34.4. This corresponds to an increase in the share price of 32.8 percent compared to the closing price in 2020. By comparison, the ATX announced a gain of 38.86 percent in 2021 . The average daily trading volume for PALFINGER shares increased in 2021 by 28.4 percent compared to the previous year.

The share has multiplied since the IPO in 1999!
Felix Strohbichler

5 reasons for an invest

  1. Global technology and market leader

  2. Strategic core shareholder holds 56,4 percent of the shares

  3. Continuous dividend policy 

  4. Best-in-class at investors embracing sustainability 

  5. Attractive valuation


The Palfinger family, which either directly or indirectly owns approx. 56.4 per cent of the shares in PALFINGER AG, is PALFINGER’s stable core shareholder with seats on the Supervisory Board.PALFINGER AG itself holds 7.5 percent of its own shares. The remaining shares (approx. 36.1 per cent) are in free float. According to the information available to PALFINGER AG, a significant portion of the free float is held by retail shareholders; the majority is held by institutional investors, primarily from Continental Europe.


PALFINGER AG pursues a continuous dividend policy. Under this policy, approximately one-third of annual profit is to be distributed to shareholders. In 2020, the consolidated net profit of PALFINGER AG amounted to EUR 249.9 million. Based on this, the PALFINGER Executive Board and Supervisory Board will propose a dividend of EUR 0.77 (2020: EUR 0.45) per share at the Annual General Meeting on March 24, 2022.


EUR 2019 2020 2021
Low 20.85 15.40 25.60
High 30.70 30.50 40.00
Average Price 25.69 22.29 35.38
Price at year end 29.25 25.90 34.40
Earnings per share1) 2.13 1.32 2.31
Operating cash flow per share1) 4.15 5.98 2.53
Dividend per share 0.35 0.45 0.772)
Dividend yield in relation to the average share price 2.8% 2.0% 2.2%
Market capitalization as at year end (EUR million) 1,099.60 973.67 1,289.21


1) Calculated using the weighted average number of shares outstanding.
2) Proposal to the Annual General Meeting.

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