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Find here the point of departure for the product pages of the PALFINGER LAND products. Customers, prospective buyers and industry specialists will find details about models, classes and design variants of loader cranes, access platforms, truck mounted forklifts, hookloaders, railway systems, tail lifts etc.


Find here the point of departure for the product pages of the MARINE products. Customers, prospective buyers and industry specialists will find details about models, classes and variants of marine cranes, winches and offshore equipment, offshore cranes, wind cranes, boats and davit systems.

general product overview

loader cranes

PALFINGER’s main product is the hydraulic loader crane, renowned for its user friendliness and high efficiency. With more than 120 models and a market share of more than 30 per cent, PALFINGER is the world market leader in this segment.

timber and Recycling cranes

PALFINGER EPSILON Cranes are high-performance products that are installed either on forestry machines, trucks or for stationary application. The products are characterized by the highest reliability to ensure customized solutions for comprehensive requests in the timber and recycling industry. The product portfolio consists of more than 70 models, including various patents which enables the company to be market and technology leader in that segment in Europe.

Marine crane

PALFINGER offers a comprehensive product range of knuckle boom, stiff boom and telescopic cranes for variable applications. PALFINGER products are designed to withstand extremely high strain in order to meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the marine industry. Functional design, easy maintenance and fast operational readiness are key benefits of PALFINGER marine cranes. Cost-efficient manufacturing in state-of-the-art production facilities and the use of high-quality materials guarantee our customers top-class products that can be certified by a number of classification societies.

Winches and Offshore Equipment

PALFINGER MARINE expands its product portfolio with winches and offshore equipment. The unique and strong position within design and development of deck winches as well as lifting and handling equipment and bulk and bunker handling equipment for the Oil & Gas as well as the Marine market will be an important success factor for the future strategy.

Offshore crane

Palfinger Marine Norway AS has long traditions of providing customized offshore and marine cranes to the worldwide shipbuilding and oil and gas industries. The name Palfinger Marine Norway AS is associated with a continuously growing range of reliable and high-quality offshore and marine products and services. With its central location in Norway and production facilities in Poland, South Korea and Brazil, Palfinger Marine Norway AS holds a strong international presence.

Davit systems

PALFINGER MARINE offers davit systems and cranes for life-saving purposes, daughter crafts, work boats, fast interceptors and fenders. Davit systems are designed for long-time operation under especially harsh conditions in a highly corrosive marine environment. A focus is placed on achieving an ideal balance between safety and cost-effectiveness in combination with product quality and user-friendliness. PALFINGER manufactures innovative, compact davit systems that meet these standards. Easy installation and operation make PALFINGER davit systems a safe and reliable choice.


PALFINGER BOATS is an internationally operating (fast) rescue boat, workboat and daughter craft designer and manufacturer. PALFINGER BOATS provides the latest innovative, high-quality, safe boats to ship owners and shipyards. The standard line of rescue and fast rescue boats as well as release mechanisms is designed and manufactured to achieve an ideal balance between safety factors, high stability and efficiency factors. All boats are designed as part of a complete rescue system, taking davit, access and launching procedures into consideration. The complete in-house manufacturing process, from the first sketch to the final boat, guarantees highest quality and stability, even in the most demanding sea conditions.

Wind cranes

As an expert for onshore and offshore cranes, PALFINGER produces wind cranes for nacelles, platforms and substation/accommodation platforms. PALFINGER offers an extensive lifting concept and the best total package for fast and cost-efficient operations. A perfectly balanced set of nacelle and platform cranes minimizes breakdown times during maintenance and repair work.


PALFINGER is the world’s leading manufacturer of container handling systems. Installed according to the specifications of truck producers, these hookloaders and skiploaders facilitate the efficient and non-abrasive loading and unloading of containers. These container handling systems are manufactured according to international standards in France, China, USA and Russia.

access platforms

In general, access platforms embrace the motto “lighter, higher, farther”. However, PALFINGER’s philosophy ensures that this principle is not implemented to the detriment of stability and user-friendliness. After all, safe and precise control is only possible if the equipment is stable. Despite their excellent stability, PALFINGER’s access platforms are also top-class when it comes to performance. This is because their innovative designs minimize vibrations while maximizing safety.


Successful production and marketing of PALFINGER tail lifts has been ongoing for over 50 years now. Tail lifts make it much easier to safely load and unload trucks and are synonymous with cost efficiency, flexibility and a high level of operating comfort for users.


PALFINGER passenger lifts and ramps have been developed as aids for people with reduced mobility for 50 years. The access systems for public mobility are produced by PALFINGER Tail Lifts GmbH in Germany and for personal mobility by PALFINGER Tail Lifts Ltd in UK. They are mounted in vans, buses, trams and trains worldwide. Over the years PALFINGER achieved an international leading position in this sector.


PALFINGER SANY is exclusively distributing Sany's mobile cranes in Europe and CIS. Unlike other Chinese manufacturers, PALFINGER SANY commits to local requirements and applies European standards to the quality processes to guarantee the high standards the market demands.


PALFINGER’s truck mounted forklifts are special forklifts that can be taken along on trucks. This high performing machinery is extremely easy to operate, offers a variety of features and combines a low deadweight with maximum lifting power. The production and assembly facilities are located in Austria and the USA.


The wide range of PALFINGER’s innovative railway systems makes the construction and maintenance of railways tracks and catenary systems much more efficient. Special cranes, access platforms and positioners operate with utmost precision and meet the highest safety standards. Moreover, they render top performance in record times – an indispensable requirement for trains running on time.


Rope access is a means of individual work positioning where multi skilled technicians access difficult locations using ropes and harnesses. Often rope access is required when conventional access methods such as hoists, scaffolding or elevated work platforms are not a viable option. Rope access along with other innovative access techniques are often both time and cost effective access solutions.


Wherever high demands are placed on the loading, unloading and transhipment of goods, systems and products, PALFINGER provides high-tech solutions for seamless loading and transport logistics. On the truck-loading crane market PALFINGER is the undisputed technology leader and with its new products (hookloader, transportable forklift, tail-lift, …) PALFINGER faces the growing challenges of the transport and logistics market with particular focus on rationalisation of the interfaces. However the competition is following suit and offering products with a similar technical scope of performance. 
For customers and dealers the service sector, along with price and product quality, is the decisive competitive factor. Service is becoming more and more the success factor No.1 and PALFINGER is meeting this challenge by restructuring its service activities both at a product as well as at an organisational level.

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