Product range PALFINGER LAND

Find here the point of departure for the product pages of the PALFINGER LAND products. Customers, prospective buyers and industry specialists will find details about models, classes and design variants of loader cranes, access platforms, truck mounted forklifts, hookloaders, railway systems, tail lifts etc.


Find here the point of departure for the product pages of the MARINE products. Customers, prospective buyers and industry specialists will find details about models, classes and variants of marine cranes, winches and offshore equipment, offshore cranes, wind cranes, boats and davit systems.

general product overview

loader cranes

PALFINGER’s main product is the hydraulic loader crane, renowned for its user friendliness and high efficiency. With more than 120 models and a market share of more than 30 per cent, PALFINGER is the world market leader in this segment.

Properties, characteristics
Loader cranes are used  for loading and unloading trucks and for assembly work. The crane is mounted either behind the cab or at the rear of the vehicle and is hydraulically driven by the engine of the vehicle via an oil pump. The crane consists of a base that is directly mounted on the truck frame. On the base frame is the crane column, which is connected to the main boom, either directly or via a linkage system. Another linkage system connects the main boom with the knuckle boom. A crane can be equipped with a maximum of nine hydraulic booms. The crane’s outreach may be further expanded by means of a fly jib. Additional equipment (cable winch, rotator, grapple, pallet fork) makes loader cranes even more widely applicable. As opposed to the mobile crane the power is defined through the lifting moment. The lifting moment refers to the lifting capacity with a certain outreach. To lift one ton at a range of ten meters you need a 10mt crane. PALFINGER loading cranes are available from 1 to 150 meter tons. The cranes are controlled via a control panel directly on the base or via radio remote control.
For decades, PALFINGER has been a pioneer in technology and product innovations, such as the Power Link Plus double linkage system, the active oscillation system (AOS), the intelligent High Performance Stability Control (HPSC) and the assistant system P-Fold. PALFINGER has had a significant influence on the markets and on future developments, due to its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.
PALFINGER’s knuckle boom cranes open up a wide range of applications, giving users optimum support in extreme conditions.

Production:  Lengau (AT), Cherven Brjag (BG), Tenevo (BG), Maribor (SI) 
Assembly:  Lengau (AT), Köstendorf (AT), Niagara Falls (CA), Cadelbosco di Sopra (IT) 
Main industries: Construction, transport logistics, emergency services, municipalities, waste management, landscape gardening, military, mining, events, inspection/maintenance/cleaning of buildings, structures and heavy machinery, leasing and rental business
History:  Since 1964 there are more than 120 models currently on the market that can be tailor-made to meet customers’ specifications. 
Markets:  World-wide. Europe continues to be the main sales market for PALFINGER’s loader cranes; the greatest growth potentials are in North and South America, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.
Market position:  Market and technology leadership, loader crane no. 1

Environmental and safety features of the product 

Safe crane operation due to: 
• HPSC: High Performance Stability Control is a proportional system which recalculates and defines the working range and stability of the crane. Sensors for proportional path measurement are located in the stabilizers make their positioning fully variable. 

• Soft Stop: Der Soft Stop is an electronic limit position damper. It provides gentle braking of all crane movements before the mechanical limit stop is reached. Hence, jerky movements and load impacts from oscillating loads can be avoided for the crane operator, load and vehicle.

Operator friendly due to: 
• PALcom P7: The PALcom P7 is a radio remote control developed personally by PALFINGER. The loader crane radio remote control handset features a modern, ergonomic design. The hand rests and set-up of the control levers are carefully chosen to enable fatigue-free work. A centrally located “PALdrive” knob and a large colour display enable easy and safe operation.
• P-Fold: The new PALFINGER assistance system makes folding and unfolding an easy job for the operator. The set-up time is reduced to a minimum. The operator will be guided safely and clearly thanks to the intuitive menu navigation of the new PALcom P7 – a major benefit also for inexperienced operators. In addition to the significant increase in operator comfort, the prevention of damage on vehicle, load and rope is another important point.

Environmentally friendly due to: 
• Lightweight Design: Through using high-quality, high-strengths steels and increased use of synthetic material and light metals, PALFINGER cranes are becoming increasingly lighter in weight, with the result of higher payloads and lower operating costs.
• Low maintenance extension system: with the low maintenance extension system leading the way in service-friendliness.


timber and Recycling cranes

PALFINGER EPSILON Cranes are high-performance products that are installed either on forestry machines, trucks or for stationary application. The products are characterized by the highest reliability to ensure customized solutions for comprehensive requests in the timber and recycling industry. The product portfolio consists of more than 70 models, including various patents which enables the company to be market and technology leader in that segment in Europe.

Properties, characteristics
EPSILON focuses on the construction of cranes for tough and multi-shift operations. The main feature is to load and unload trucks within the forestry, recycling as well as the construction industry. The cranes can be installed on Trucks (front- or rear mounted), on forestry machines or on a stationary place. Depending on the field of application each crane can be equipped with various grab- types. EPSILON cranes are characterized by an enormous range, high speed and exceptional lifting power. In recent years the company developed and introduced several patented solutions which quickly became standards in its field. Theses inventions included new designs of telescope systems (EPSCOPE), rotator heads (EPSLINK) and boom systems (Easy Fold, Triple-Z) which led to sustainable changes within the industry.
To guarantee the highest quality and most efficient solutions to our customers, we focus on three pillars, namely DESIGN, COMFORT and TECHNIQUE within the field of research and development. By using inside house routing and a pillar mechanism that is entirely immersed in an oil bath, maintenance costs can be reduced drastically in specific areas. The new generation of operator seats “Master Drive” increases the user friendliness by providing the operator full control and a protected use for each operation. Additionally, EPSHOOD, the newly developed operators’’ security hood allows operation at the high seat at each weather condition, no matter if wind, sun or rain. Moreover, when on the road, the thermoplastic hood covers the Master Drive seat und protects it from dust and dirt.
EPSILON cranes is market leader in the areas of short and long wood haulage as well as in the off-road area (Chipper-, Forwarder-, Skidder-, Harvester- and Tractor application), Scrap manipulation, Container handling and Clam shell bucket application. Due to worldwide distribution and the increasing internationalization, markets such as North- and South America, Eastern Europe as well as Asia are gaining more importance for the future.


Production:  Maribor (SI), Tenevo (BG), Cherven Brjag (BG) 
Assembly:  Elsbethen (AT), Caxis do Sul (BRA) 
Main industries: Forestry, Recycling, Construction Industry, Municipalities, Disposal Industry, Use of Biomass 
History:  EPSILON was founded in Regenstauf, Germany, in 1980. In 1988, it was partly acquired by PALFINGER. Since 2000 the products get manufactured in the new production facility located in Elsbethen, Austria. In 2015 the assembly capacities of the location got expanded. The new innovation center improves further development in international markets at the highest level of quality. 
Markets:  Worldwide. Europe is still the leading market for EPSILON Timber and Recycling Cranes, whereas Russia, Asia as well as North- and South America have great potential for growth. 
Market position: market and technology leader, Timber and Recycling Cranes #1

Environmental and safety features of the product: 
• EPSCOPE: EPSILON´s patented telescope system with internally routed protected hoses and extension cylinder mounted inside telescopes, offers safe working without facing the risk of mechanical damage on hoses and cylinder.
• EPSLINK: EPSILON´s patented link-rotator combination with internally routed hoses offers maximum protection during work for the hoses between crane and grab.
• Linkage System Z-boom Loaders: The linkage between column and main boom gives constant moving speed of the main boom over the entire working area. Moreover the lifting capacity in the upper working positions, is up to 60% higher compared to loaders without linkage.
• Linkage System L-boom Loaders: The linkage between main and knuckle boom gives constant moving speed of the knuckle boom over the entire working area. Moreover the moving angle of the knuckle boom increases to more than 180°. Therefore loader can be parked in V-boom position.

Safety features:
• Master Drive: PALFINGER EPSILON has once again raised the bar for comfort and user-friendliness with a new high seat. Masterdrive enables the operator to enjoy full control of all operational commands. Thanks to the benefits of the most sophisticated design and technology this crane can be operated with a minimum of effort. The ergonomic shape of the comfortable and convenient mechanical suspension high seat guarantees great comfort, and the multifunctional arm rest puts every command at the operator’s fingertips.
• EPSCAB: The command centre for highest demands. It offers protection for every weather condition and provides highest comfort through a hydraulically elevating cabin and an air-suspended seat. Depending on personal preference, the crane can be hydraulically piloted or electrically controlled, thereby offering even greater variety and precision.
• ESPHOOD: The EPSHOOD crane operator hood is a newly developed weather shield and gives the driver excellent protection from the elements while operating the crane. The tinted thermoplastic hood keep out the sun, rain and wind during the whole operating process, making every job a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Reduction of expenditures for maintenance and service:
• Inside hose routing: No other crane manufacture can offer anything like the ease of service and technical convenience provided by PALFINGER EPSILON. The unique inside hose routing enables crane operators to gain quick and easy on-the-job service access. Inside hose routing also reduces the risk of damage to the hoses. Service openings on the crane make replacement a simple task and help to save time and money.
• Crane column in an oil bath: The newly designed crane column mounting ensures the entire pillar mechanism is immersed in an oil bath. This has very positive effects on maintenance requirements and a tangible impact upon internal maintenance expenditure.
• Cylinder protection: The entire EPSILON Z-Cranes are equipped as standard with elevating cylinder and knuckle-boom cylinder protection. L-Cranes, F- as well as R-Cranes with knuckle-boom cylinder protection.

Marine crane

PALFINGER offers a comprehensive product range of knuckle boom, stiff boom and telescopic cranes for variable applications. PALFINGER products are designed to withstand extremely high strain in order to meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the marine industry. Functional design, easy maintenance and fast operational readiness are key benefits of PALFINGER marine cranes. Cost-efficient manufacturing in state-of-the-art production facilities and the use of high-quality materials guarantee our customers top-class products that can be certified by a number of classification societies.

Properties, characteristics
PALFINGER MARINE offers a comprehensive product range of knuckle boom, stiff boom and telescopic boom cranes for variable applications. PALFINGER MARINE products are designed to withstand extremely high strain in order to meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the marine industry. 
Functional design, little maintenance effort and fast operational readiness are key benefits of PALFINGER marine cranes. Cost-efficient manufacturing in state-of-the-art production facilities and the use of high-class materials guarantees our customers a high-quality product that can be certified by a number of class societies. The unique three-ply marine coating used on PALFINGER marine cranes provides optimal protection against corrosion. The use of radio remote control provides maximum safety and comfort. The optional man-riding capability also extends the range of application of PALFINGER marine cranes.


Production:  Maribor (SLO), Tenevo und Cherven Brjag (BUL), Lengau (AUT) 
Main industries:  Marine (fishing, fish-farming), navy and coastguard, oil and gas, offshore, service 
History:  Since 1992 part of the portfolio; 5 crane series with a different outreach depending on customer requests
Markets:  Worldwide; Potential for growth in the Asia-Pacific Region. Oil and gas, marine (Fishing, service boats), Offshore are the growing segments. 
Market position:  PALFINGER MARINE offers a comprehensive product range of knuckle boom, stiff boom and telescopic boom cranes for variable applications. PALFINGER MARINE products are designed to withstand extremely high strain in order to meet the safety standards and extreme environmental conditions of the marine industry. 

Environmental and safety features of the product

Cranes are in compliance with the latest rules and regulations (depending on application and crane). All cranes comply with ISO 9001.

In the following are some examples of safety features, however, each of them do not apply on each crane: Emergency Cut-off, load holding valves for all functions, fail safe brakes, OWOA, AOPS, MOPS, ATEX Certification available,


Winches and Offshore Equipment

PALFINGER MARINE expands its product portfolio with winches and offshore equipment. The unique and strong position within design and development of deck winches as well as lifting and handling equipment and bulk and bunker handling equipment for the Oil & Gas as well as the Marine market will be an important success factor for the future strategy.

Properties, characteristics

Palfinger Marine Norway AS, based in Norway, has an impressive product portfolio within winches and handling equipment for both offshore vessels and oil rigs. Palfinger Marine Norway AS is well known for high quality equipment and tailor made solutions and has gained a knowledgeable reputation among naval architects, ship owners and shipyards through their 25 years of operation. The product range now includes offshore and marine cranes, davit systems, boats and deck winches. New market segments are now easier accessible and PALFINGER MARINE can offer highly attractive package deals to customers with very heterogeneous requirements.

Winches of PALFINGER MARINE are delivered electric, frequency controlled or hydraulic driven. All models are custom made to each project specification.

PALFINGER MARINE is mainly supplier of winch packages for new-buildings. Each package normally consists of several types of winches. Winches can be divided in the following main groups:

• Anchor and mooring winches
• Anchor handling and towing winches
• Winches for lifting and handling 
• Special winches for various applications.


Production Croatia, Poland, Romania and Norway 
Assembly Croatia, Poland, Romania and Norway 
Main industries Winches for offshore vessels and oil rigs 
History Since 1989 NDM has approximately 40 different  winch types  with  more than 300 variants 
Markets World wide. Europe is the main market. Growth potential in North and South America and Asia 
Market position Strong market position in the segment for offshore vessel in Norway and Europe. 


Environmental and safety features of the product

Safe operation due to:
High quality materials used in manufacturing
Well known – high quality suppliers of components
Designed according to all applicable standards
Designed for rough conditions at sea

Operator friendly due to:
Easy access to points of lubrication and inspection.
Easy operation – manual and/or remote control

Environmentally friendly due to:
All winches are designed for low maintenance and comply with ISO 9001

Offshore crane

Palfinger Marine Norway AS has long traditions of providing customized offshore and marine cranes to the worldwide shipbuilding and oil and gas industries. The name Palfinger Marine Norway AS is associated with a continuously growing range of reliable and high-quality offshore and marine products and services. With its central location in Norway and production facilities in Poland, South Korea and Brazil, Palfinger Marine Norway AS holds a strong international presence.

Properties, characteristics

Palfinger Marine Norway AS has through decades built up substantial competence within crane design, modifications and re-certification of complex cranes.

The headquarters in Bergen, Norway holds an international team of nearly 100 highly qualified employees. The core competence of the company is design, product development, project management and finally commissioning and lifetime support of high quality marine and offshore cranes. Being a leading player within the field of offshore cranes, Palfinger Marine Norway AS offers a global network of service stations, partners and sales offices. 


Production Gdynia (PL), Rio Grande do Sul (BR), Busan (KR) 
Assembly Gdynia (PL), Rio Grande do Sul (BR), Busan (KR) 
Main industries:  Oil and gas, offshore, specialized vessels, navy 
Histroy since 2012 (established in 1987 – Dreggen Cranes) 
Markets Worldwide 
Market position:  Among the leading and most flexible and cost-effective crane suppliers in the global offshore and marine markets 

Environmental and safety features of the product

All Offshore cranes comply with ISO 9001 as well as with NS-ISO 9000.

Davit systems

PALFINGER MARINE offers davit systems and cranes for life-saving purposes, daughter crafts, work boats, fast interceptors and fenders. Davit systems are designed for long-time operation under especially harsh conditions in a highly corrosive marine environment. A focus is placed on achieving an ideal balance between safety and cost-effectiveness in combination with product quality and user-friendliness. PALFINGER manufactures innovative, compact davit systems that meet these standards. Easy installation and operation make PALFINGER davit systems a safe and reliable choice.

Properties, characteristics

PALFINGER MARINE manufactures innovative, compact, high-quality and safe davit systems, whereby an ideal balance is achieved between safety factors and economical factors without jeopardising aspects such as quality and user-friendliness. Davit systems are designed for long-time operation under especially tough conditions in a highly corrosive marine environment. Easy installation and operation combined with considerable economical aspects make PALFINGER MARINE davit systems a safe and reliable choice.

Products: Combined Life Raft & Rescue Boat Davits,  Workboat / Daughter Craft Davits, Fender Davits, Life Boat Davits, Offshore Davits.


Production Barneveld (NL), Hanoi (VN) 
Assembly Barneveld (NL), Hanoi (VN) 
Main industries Navy /Coast Guard, Oil and Gas, Marine and Offshore vessels 
History 60 official certified models currently on the market that can be customized 
Markets Worldwide 
Market position One of the world’s leading manufacturers of davit systems 


Environmental and safety features of the product

PALFINGER MARINE davit systems meet the latest IMO/SOLAS requirements, LSA Code, Manufacturer Assessment (ABS), as well as the European Council Directive 96/98 EC on Marine Equipment (MED) and, upon request, specific offshore requirements such as UKOOA, NORSOK and the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

Davit Systems  are designed for daily operations at heavy seas. Dedicated constant tensioning and shock absorbers allow the davits to launch and recover daughter crafts, workboats and even Navy and anti-piracy interceptors under extreme weather conditions.

Davits are equipped with a "shock absorber" system to avoid overload in rough operation conditions which extends the liftetime quality of the system and increases the operational safety for the crew. The winch is equipped with a full hydraulic CT system. For proper operation a hydraulically operated anti-pendulum system will be mounted onto the davit head.


PALFINGER BOATS is an internationally operating (fast) rescue boat, workboat and daughter craft designer and manufacturer. PALFINGER BOATS provides the latest innovative, high-quality, safe boats to ship owners and shipyards. The standard line of rescue and fast rescue boats as well as release mechanisms is designed and manufactured to achieve an ideal balance between safety factors, high stability and efficiency factors. All boats are designed as part of a complete rescue system, taking davit, access and launching procedures into consideration. The complete in-house manufacturing process, from the first sketch to the final boat, guarantees highest quality and stability, even in the most demanding sea conditions.

Properties, characteristics
PALFINGER BOATS is working with main organizations and classifications societies in the marine industry and offers several benefits for their customers:
PALFINGER BOATS has years of experience in manufacturing boats and invested in its employees and partners in the international marine and offshore industry, navy/coast guard and windmill market.
About 90% of the products are exported via a well-organized worldwide network of distributors and agencies. A global network of service stations enables PALFINGER BOATS to respond to any service request within hours.
PALFINGER BOATS is able to produce almost the full standard range of boats in GRP as well as in aluminium. This gives the customer the possibilities to choose which hull fits their needs best.
PALFINGER BOATS provides SOLAS certified automatic release hooks and SOLAS approved MOB outboard engines.

Products: Rescue Boats, Fast Rescue Boats, Workboat/Tugs, Navy/Coast Guard Boats, Boats Yacht Tenders, Daughter Crafts, Life Boats, Free Fall Life Boats. 


Production: Harderwijk, (NL), Hanoi, Vietnam 
Assembly Harderwijk, (NL), Hanoi, Vietnam 
Main industries Navy/ Coast guard, oil and gas, offshore, Marine 

Acquisition in 2010 by PALFINGER. 20 official certified models currently on the market that can be customized. 

Markets: Worldwide 
Market position Innovative manufacturer of high-quality and safe boats for ship owners, naval architects and shipyards 


Environmental and safety features of the product

PALFINGER BOATS manufactures innovative rescue and fast rescue crafts in either Aluminium or GRP. The boats are designed with a special deep V-bottom construction that is suitable for high speeds and stability in every sea condition. 
The manufacturing and testing process is completely in-house thereby allowing products with an optimum reliability and with minimum of maintenance required. PALFINGER BOATS meets international requirements such as the latest SOLAS standards as well as ISO 9001.

For all boats a suitable davit system from PALFINGER MARINE is available so they can be launched from the mother ship as well.

Wind cranes

As an expert for onshore and offshore cranes, PALFINGER produces wind cranes for nacelles, platforms and substation/accommodation platforms. PALFINGER offers an extensive lifting concept and the best total package for fast and cost-efficient operations. A perfectly balanced set of nacelle and platform cranes minimizes breakdown times during maintenance and repair work.

Properties, characteristics
PALFINGER WIND is the expert for onshore and offshore cranes. For more than ten years, the company has produced wind cranes for nacelles, platforms and substation/accommodation platforms. PALFINGER WIND guarantees its customers a strong partnership and excellent service during the entire product life cycle.

A well-rounded package: PALFINGER WIND offers an extensive lifting concept and the best total package for fast and cost-efficient operations. A perfectly balanced set of nacelle and platform cranes minimises breakdown times during maintenance and repair work. Professional consultancy, support with the installation and initiation plus training for maintenance and operating are further benefits of this package. 

Extensive engineering competence: Customers benefit from years of experience in the field of wind technology and successes achieved through the use of PALFINGER wind cranes on many wind farms. Innovative products that are certified by class societies ensure economic efficiency and maximum performance throughout the crane’s lifetime.

Products: Platform Cranes; Substation/Accommodation Platform Cranes;

Additionally, PALFINGER provides customized solutions. The product range is e-coated to guarantee maximum corrosion resistance.


Production:  Maribor (SLO), Tenevo und Cherven Brjag (BUL), Lengau (AUT) 
Assembly:  Marburg (SLO) 
Main industries:  Power supply 
History:  1992; 6 different  crane series, strong variable on customer requests
Markets:  Great Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, which also have potential for growth, as well as Asia (Japan and China) and the USA. 
Market position:  One of the world’s leading manufacturers 

Environmental and safety features of the product 

Cranes are in compliance with the latest rules and regulations (depending on application and crane). All cranes comply with ISO 9001.

In the following are some examples of safety features, however, each of them do not apply on each crane: Emergency Cut-off, load holding valves for all functions, fail safe brakes, OWOA, AOPS, MOPS, ATEX Certification available,


PALFINGER is the world’s leading manufacturer of container handling systems. Installed according to the specifications of truck producers, these hookloaders and skiploaders facilitate the efficient and non-abrasive loading and unloading of containers. These container handling systems are manufactured according to international standards in France, China, USA and Russia.

Properties, characteristics
PALFINGER Hooklifts is the most extended brand of lifting equipment designed for movable containers. In this field, each application has its own requirement which has been fulfilled by PALFINGER during the last 40 years, all over the world. We commit to the highest quality and safety standards. State of the art industrial and quality organization allows us to occupy a leading position in the global movable container industry. The functional design of our hookloader and skiploader provides easy service and low maintenance. This ensures high value retention and best operation costs, under safe conditions. A worldwide service network, including supply of spare parts ensures fast and reliable service.


Production:  Caussade (F); Rudong (CN); Trenton (USA); Velikiye Luki (RUS), Cherven Brjag (BG), Maribor (SL) 
Assembly: Caussade (F); Rudong (CN); Trenton (USA); Velikiye Luki (RUS) 
Main industries:  Recycling, waste management, municipalities, construction, military, agriculture, emergency response 
History:   Since 1996; With more than 70 different models, PALFINGER is able to meet every local Container standard as well as provides various customized lifting systems, that fulfill special requirements during operations on the highest levels. 
Markets: The products are distributed internationally, whereas Europe forms the main market. Asia, Russia, North- and South America as well as Africa have potential for growth. 
Market position:  Global market leader 

Environmental and safety features of the product
PALFINGER Hooklifts are characterized by a low dead weight related to the lifting power. This does not only increase the profitability of the whole vehicle, but it also reduces the environmental impact.
The correct installation of container handling systems is an essential part of the performance and reliability of our products. Therefore, the “SAM” (Secured Advanced Mounting) system was introduced to ensure that all regulations are met by the vehicle manufacturers and the assembly time is reduced by half simultaneously.

Due to the SAM program it is possible to operate the assembly without drilling and welding. Therefore, the hooklifts are offered with an environmental friendly coating ex factory. This top coating with water soluble paint is realized in a single component painting process and in combination with a zinc-nickel coating of all non-painted components Palfinger container handling systems correspond to the automotive standard ISO12944 C3. This guarantees durability as well as an increased resell value.

By inventing the new electronic control “PAD (Pro Active Drive)”, which is now even available with a radio remote control on an optional basis, PALFINGER was able to improve the user friendliness of the products. PAD provides the possibility to apply all functions of loading, unloading and tipping a container completely automatically by operating only one control lever. Therefore, operating errors are mostly eliminated. Additionally, PAD provides the possibility to integrate our container handling systems into the vehicle electronics, which increases the user friendliness even further.
The product portfolio of PALFINGER does not only involve container handling systems but also the associated equipment such as stabilizer systems (axle– or roller stabilizers), as well as fixed or extendable rear underrun protections and various other equipment or components which can be easily integrated into the safety system of the equipment.

access platforms

In general, access platforms embrace the motto “lighter, higher, farther”. However, PALFINGER’s philosophy ensures that this principle is not implemented to the detriment of stability and user-friendliness. After all, safe and precise control is only possible if the equipment is stable. Despite their excellent stability, PALFINGER’s access platforms are also top-class when it comes to performance. This is because their innovative designs minimize vibrations while maximizing safety.

Properties, characteristics
With truck access platforms from PALFINGER Platforms, PALFINGER offers the most innovative lifting solutions at the highest technological level. PALFINGER access platforms make an impression with their safe and reliable height access technology that is of outstanding quality. PALFINGER is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer both non-insulated and insulated platforms reaching working heights of between 10 m and 103 m for chassis weighing between 3.5 t and 60 t. PALFINGER access platforms are thus optimally adjusted to the relevant working range. The most important industries include: leasing and rental business, local authorities, landscaping/gardening, energy supply and the cleaning of structures, buildings and large machines as well as the maintenance and repair of wind turbines.

Production:  Seifhennersdorf (DE), Cherven Brjag (BG), Tenevo (BG), Marburg (SI), Modena (IT) 
Assembly:  Krefeld (DE), Löbau (DE), Modena (IT) 
Main industries: Construction, emergency services, power supply, tree care, landscape gardening, municipalities, inspection, building cleaning services, leasing and rental business 
History:  Since 2004 there are more than 29 models currently on the market with various carrier vehicle and options that can be tailor-made to meet customers’ specifications. 
Markets:  The core markets are Europe, North America and Australia; South America and Middle East beginning to grow 
Market position:  One of the world’s leading manufacturers


Environmental and safety features of the product 

Redundant control system that means the control system oft h access platform is equipped twice with the same number of components like sensors and controllers. This means that all values are double checked and compared. Only with the same result, the corresponding functions are enabled.

Soft Stop: Soft Stop is an electronic limit position damper. It provides a gentle starting and braking of all movements. The damping affects via a ramp function. This prevent from jerky movements and provides safe accurate movement of the workman cage.

The patented counter slewing system, allows a very compact structure of access platforms of the Premium-class since many years. The area over the driver cab of the truck is used to reduce the overall length. The result: compact and agile access platforms, especially suitable for the city.

With introduction of the Jumbo NX, the next Generation of the PALFINGER’s access platforms of the Jumbo class becoming even more versatile. Due to the 240° movable X-Jib the telescope system has 3 booms now. These make the new generation of machines even more flexible. Now it is possible to work over a roof on the opposite wall behind a house due to the 2 times 200° moveable workman cage.

Comfort functions like the Memory- or the Home-function make it easier for the operator to approach a preset position or the fast folding into the transport position. This saves time and protects the machine from damage.

Environmentally friendly:
Lightweight Design becomes more and more important.  By using high-quality, high-strengths steels and aluminum and increased use of synthetic material, PALFINGER access platforms are becoming increasingly lighter in weight, with the result of higher payloads and lower operating costs.


Successful production and marketing of PALFINGER tail lifts has been ongoing for over 50 years now. Tail lifts make it much easier to safely load and unload trucks and are synonymous with cost efficiency, flexibility and a high level of operating comfort for users.

Properties, characteristics

PALFINGER’s tail lifts are mounted at the back of the truck, making loading and unloading processes more efficient and user-friendly. These innovative tail lifts are available as cantilever, retractable, foldable or column lifts, and are suitable for a variety of vehicle types. 
Tail lifts are used as lifting devices for loading of goods, roll cages and pallets into commercial vehicles. The lifts are generally powered by the vehicle’s own battery via a electrohydraulic system.  Lifting capacities range from 500kg through to 4000kg.  The lifts are generally made from steel and/or aluminium.

Production:  Ganderkesee (Germany), Welwyn Garden City (GB) 
Assembly:  Ganderkesee (Germany), Welwyn Garden City (GB) 
Main industries:  Transport logistics, food and beverage logistics, waste management, emergency services, leasing and rental business, construction industry 
History:  since 1964, successful in the market with more than 60 products 
Markets:  World-wide. The main markets are in central Europe and in the UK. Further strong markets are North America, Asia and Oceania. 
Market position:  Germany’s leading manufacturer, Top 3 worldwide 

Environmental and safety features of the product

Safety during use of tail lifts
Tail lifts from (MBB) PALFINGER do fulfill the safety requirements of the EU Machinery Directive and the norm EN 1756-1. A huge variety of safety devices, partially as country-specific options, is available. Examples: Warning lights, warning flags.

Control systems for various requirements: hand-held cable switch, control box at the vehicle, 3+1 control knobs (installation in body wall), MBB REMOTE CONTROL. The control system of under floor Passenger lifts MBB R 1500 SH and R 2000 LH reduces the complex extend- and unfold process to only one operating step. This is not only an improvement considering the user comfort but also increases the protection against damage caused by improper operation.

Sustainable products
The first sustainable tail lift built in series production is driven by an all-electric system without any hydraulics. This unit even provides energy recuperation into the vehicle battery when the lift is lowered with load on the platform.
For all common tail lifts it is also possible to use environmental friendly organic hydraulic oil.. Optimized Service- and Maintenance intervals reduce the number of visits at service and repair work shops. The products are coated with an environment friendly KTL-painting. For other paintings solvent reduced paint is used.



PALFINGER passenger lifts and ramps have been developed as aids for people with reduced mobility for 50 years. The access systems for public mobility are produced by PALFINGER Tail Lifts GmbH in Germany and for personal mobility by PALFINGER Tail Lifts Ltd in UK. They are mounted in vans, buses, trams and trains worldwide. Over the years PALFINGER achieved an international leading position in this sector.

Properties, characteristics

PALFINGER Tail Lifts Ltd in UK designs and manufactures passenger lifts for private transportation. The lifts serve passengers who have difficulties with entering minibuses and patient transport services. Lifts can either be mounted internally or externally to meet the user’s requirements. Lifting capacities range from 300kg to 500kg.
The PALFINGER Tail Lifts GmbH in Germany specializes in the manufacture of access systems for public transportation. The mechanical and electrical MEDIRAMP can be installed in low floor buses and trams, either underneath or integrated in the floor. The cassette ramp CR 1100 underneath the vehicle floor is perfectly suited for retrofitting into existing buses and trams.  
The fully automatic MEDILIFT is very comfortable for wheelchair users and is also used in buses and trams. For the railway industry PALFINGER develops and produces various models of TRAINLIFT being installed in regional and high speed trains. According to the customer’s requirements the TRAINLIFT will be developed for new and existing trains. 

All access systems comply with the European norms and safety standards. In order to meet the customer’s requirements the engineering department checks every project with an installation study so that the existing lifts and ramps can be modified accordingly. 


Safety features:

All access systems comply with the European rules and safety regulations. Our Passenger lifts offer an excellent dead weight versus lifting capacity ranging. Thanks to a strict testing the Palfinger Passenger Lifts and Access Systems ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability throughout their lifespan. 

Production and Assembly:  Ganderkesee (D), Welwyn Garden City (GB) 
Main industries: 

Railway industry, ambulance services, bus and tram manufacturers,  public transport companies, municipalities, commercial transportation 

History:  PALFINGER in Welwyn Garden City, at that timeRATCLIFF, sold the first passenger lift in 1966.
PALFINGER in Germany started the successful development of access systems in 1988. 
Markets:   Export world-wide while Europe is the main sales market for access systems 
Market position: UK Market leader for the under floor ENDURANCE RUL range
One of the world’s largest providers and the number one in respect to TRAINLIFT and MEDILIFT. 




PALFINGER SANY is exclusively distributing Sany's mobile cranes in Europe and CIS. Unlike other Chinese manufacturers, PALFINGER SANY commits to local requirements and applies European standards to the quality processes to guarantee the high standards the market demands.

Properties, characteristics
Mobile cranes basically consist of a crane superstructure mounted on wheeled or crawler-tracked undercarriages. There are four types of mobile cranes, which are distinguished by the type of chassis and by capacity and hence also by the size and lifting capacity of the mounted crane. These are: truck cranes, all-terrain cranes, crawler cranes and rough-terrain cranes. Truck cranes are, as a rule, mounted on a special chassis into which the outriggers are integrated. Rough-terrain cranes, thanks to their compact design, are suitable for off-road work and enable the transport of loads in rough terrain, often referred to as pick-and-carry operations. All-terrain cranes combine the roadability of truck cranes with the manoeuvrability of rough-terrain cranes.


Production:  Ningxiang (CHN) 
Assembly:  Ningxiang (CHN) 
Main industries:   Hoisting operations in various industries such as oil and gas, metallurgy, construction of power plants, building construction and civil engineering, residential construction, leasing and rental business; 
History: Since 2012; different models
Markets: The main sales markets are Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan, Azerbajan and Turkey have potential for growth. 
Market position:  Start-up 

Environmental and safety features of the product

The products fulfill all technical regulations mandatory in the Customs Union (Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan) 


PALFINGER’s truck mounted forklifts are special forklifts that can be taken along on trucks. This high performing machinery is extremely easy to operate, offers a variety of features and combines a low deadweight with maximum lifting power. The production and assembly facilities are located in Austria and the USA.

Properties, characteristics
Mounted on the rear of a carrier vehicle or in a protective box between the axles, the PALFINGER truck-mounted forklift will accompany you right to your place of use, opening up unprecedented possibilities in terms of transportation. A truck-mounted forklift means complete independence for our customers as additional unloading devices are not required. PALFINGER truck-mounted forklifts offer safety and longevity as well as a high level of operator comfort and optimum manoeuvrability. PALFINGER is committed to top performance in many fields of application and throughout the entire product lifecycle. The most important industries include: transport and beverage logistics, recycling and building material applications, technical and medical gases, agriculture and the live events sector.


Production:  Mostly in Bulgaria and Austria 
Assembly:  Köstendorf (AT), Tiffin (USA) 
Main industries: Construction, transport logistics, emergency services, power supply, agriculture, landscaping, gardening, food and beverage logistics, waste management, leasing and rental business, gas industry, events 
History:  Since 1998 part of the Portfolio with 16 basic products 
Markets: North America and EMEA 
Market position:  One of the leading suppliers worldwide 


Environmental and safety features of the product 

Construction and design of the products according to ISO 3691. PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklifts impress with several product features such as a smaller turning radius or a minimal dead weight while having the maximum of lifting power. The main focus when developing diverse models is on operability, optimization of the view, driver weather protection, simple servicing and reduction of running operating costs.


The wide range of PALFINGER’s innovative railway systems makes the construction and maintenance of railways tracks and catenary systems much more efficient. Special cranes, access platforms and positioners operate with utmost precision and meet the highest safety standards. Moreover, they render top performance in record times – an indispensable requirement for trains running on time.

Properties, characteristics
PALFINGER railway equipment is uncompromisingly designed for the conditions of duty on a railway track. Due to the close cooperation with the vehicle manufacturers optimally harmonised units are created and important vehicle characteristics are retained without any restriction. The „Paltronic Load and Range Management System“ takes care about the optimization of lifting capacity and outreach. All influences are taken into account. Stability, protection against derailment and operational safety under all conditions of application are guaranteed according to Safety Integrity Level 2. Numerous crane and platform models have a uniform and standardised interface with the vehicle. This enables many individual problem solutions to be achieved without additional technical effort and expense.
Optimum efficiency is achieved when PALFINGER railway units are used in combination with each other. This means, for example, that all work positions can be reached simply, quickly and safely when installing and maintaining overhead contact wires. By simultaneously using a positioner which is remotely controlled from the platform, the pressure on the anchor points of the contact wire and carrying cable can be relieved and work can be carried out on insulators and mounting brackets. If another crane is used in addition, then even the heaviest components such as the overhead contact wire masts or automatic tensioners can be replaced in record time. 


Production Cherven Brjag (BUL), Tenevo (BUL), Marburg (SLO) 
Assembly Köstendorf (AUT) 
Main industries:  Railway construction and maintenance 
Length of time in the portfolio:  Since 1992, currently more than 60 models 
Markets:  Worldwide. Potential for growth in China and CIS 
Market position:  Global market leader in high-tech railway applications 

Environmental and safety features of the product

Highest safety standards; Bridge inspection products and RAILWAY system solutions for repair and maintenance (high-tech solutions) with unique kinematics.

Component safety: the following component safety standards are met: EN13849, EN61508, EN50128. Opposite track blocking and height limits are possible according to EN14033 and SIL2.
Stability and derailment safety: in the highest configuration level, the entire geometry of the device including the track inclination is monitored in two axes. In combination with a real-time standard safety evaluation, this allows the highest level of performance and safety.
Stability and device utilisation under permanent observation: for Paltronic 150 devices, the status of the stability, device utilisation, basket loading and other safety functions including Adjacent Track Limitation, Height Limiter and permission for creep speed are permanently displayed on the screen of the control stand and on the remote control.
Adjacent Track Limitation: simply limiting the turning radius does not constitute an adjacent track limitation. Limiting the turning radius can represent an adjacent track limitation only in combination with the right safety equipment (e.g.: sensors, actuators and evaluation acc. to SILS2).

Speedy and competent support: technicians from the manufacturer provide direct support in difficult situations.
Professional training: initial or refresher training; continuous training for technicians from the PALFINGER RAILWAY service network; training for the operator's technicians in efficient troubleshooting; handover training for operators of vehicle pools.

Environmentally friendly:
General overhaul of the plant: Keeping old plant running often is advantageous in numerous ways.  Firstly, the vehicle's licence remains valid , and secondly, operators do not need to be retrained. The PALFINGER modernisation programme doubles the product lifecycle and offers many other advantages:

  • Extension of the product's service life – new purchase not necessary
  • Replacement of damaged parts reduces downtime and increases availability
  • Possible to improve performance by making technical enhancements
  • Modifications according to customer requirements
  • Improved appearance
  • Wear parts are replaced


Rope access is a means of individual work positioning where multi skilled technicians access difficult locations using ropes and harnesses. Often rope access is required when conventional access methods such as hoists, scaffolding or elevated work platforms are not a viable option. Rope access along with other innovative access techniques are often both time and cost effective access solutions.


The Megarme Group, which is majority-owned by PALFINGER, was established in 1993 as the first rope access provider in the Middle East, innovation and safety remain at the heart of the business. Megarme offer the highest standards of service and excellence in the areas of inspection, repair and maintenance servicing the Oil and Gas, Marine and construction industries. Rope Access is widely used to perform inspection, repair and maintenance activities on offshore oil platforms, petrochemical production facilities, marine vessels, onshore storage tanks, construction projects and building facades.

Highly-qualified technicians with a variety of specialities perform repair and maintenance work according to the standards of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). Rope access being manpower based and not reliant on access equipment allows flexibility of team-size thus creating the ability to reduce project duration by increasing number of manpower. Virtually any trade or skillset can be incorporated with rope access. Megarme currently have the capabilities to provide the following services both on ground and at height:         

  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Surveys and Inspections (ACFM, UT, VT, RT, MPI)
  • Fabric Maintenance
  • Paint and Coatings
  • UHP Water Jetting
  • Welding (6G, 6GR)
  • Installations (jackets, cladding, anodes)
  • Flare Tip Maintenance
  • Shutdowns      


Main industries:

Offshore, Oil and Gas Production, Power, Marine, Shipyard, Construction and Facilities Management


United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Nigeria; growth potential especially in international projects

Market position:

The largest, most capable Rope Access  Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) supplier in the Middle East, MENA, North Africa and Caspian regions as a turn-key supplier for industrial services in the region.


Environmental and safety features:

Rope access methods follow stringent guidelines set out by IRATA that take information from organizations around the globe and asses incidents in order to continually improve procedures. The sheer volume of information related to new techniques and equipments allows the guidelines to evolve and stay current in line with advancements in the industry. IRATA rope access is currently the safest work at height technique.


Wherever high demands are placed on the loading, unloading and transhipment of goods, systems and products, PALFINGER provides high-tech solutions for seamless loading and transport logistics. On the truck-loading crane market PALFINGER is the undisputed technology leader and with its new products (hookloader, transportable forklift, tail-lift, …) PALFINGER faces the growing challenges of the transport and logistics market with particular focus on rationalisation of the interfaces. However the competition is following suit and offering products with a similar technical scope of performance. 
For customers and dealers the service sector, along with price and product quality, is the decisive competitive factor. Service is becoming more and more the success factor No.1 and PALFINGER is meeting this challenge by restructuring its service activities both at a product as well as at an organisational level.

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