PALFINGER Quality Policy

Lifting Quality

As a world-leading producer and supplier of innovative crane and lifting systems, we address our customers’ challenges and create added value from them. In doing so, we are systematically continuing our journey as a provider of smart and innovative complete solutions with enhanced efficiency and operability and making the most of the potential that digitalization offers throughout the production and value chains.

PALFINGER's quality policy is based on the following principles:


  • Customer focus

We work in close partnership with our customers, which allows us to understand their requirements and expectations regarding both our products and services and our organization, as well as to fulfill them while delivering added value into the bargain. That's how we gain such highly satisfied customers.

  • Continuous improvement

We are constantly working on making improvements in all areas of the company so as to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our products and services. This is underpinned by systematic and preventive risk and opportunity management and our focus on prevention and autonomy in quality management. Our commitment to continuous improvement of our quality management system is part of this strategy.

  • Our employees: the key to our succesS

We encourage, support and empower our employees to play active roles in quality assurance and improvement and to help to maintain our high standards of quality. That way, we ensure that our employees make the most of the key part they have to play in implementing and safeguarding top quality.

  • Collaboration with suppliers and partners

We enjoy close working relationships with our suppliers and partners. This enables us to ensure that our products and services meet the very highest standards and guarantee the best possible quality. We expect our suppliers and partners to meet the same exacting quality standards as we do ourselves.

  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory standardS

We undertake to fulfill all requirements and both statutory and regulatory standards applicable to our products and services as regards quality, safety and the environment. The health of our employees takes top priority, especially occupational health and safety. We follow all national and international regulations and are committed to compliance with the highest ethical standards across all our business areas.

  • Environmental and sustainability aspects

We are conscious of our responsibilities to society and the environment and do our utmost to develop and implement sustainable solutions. We endeavor to minimize the environmental impact of our products and services as well as to make our production processes as energy-efficient and economical as possible, thereby helping to protect the environment.


By adhering to these principles, we are making sure that our customers can always depend on our products and services to deliver the best possible quality and reliability.


PALFINGER Quality Policy

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