PALFINGER: Award for the PALfit Bike


To offer its employees an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to driving to work by car, PALFINGER provides around 200 bicycles and e-bikes for free use. Today, the project was awarded the Salzburg Mobility Prize by the Austrian Mobility Club (VCÖ).

Every year, the "VCÖ - Mobility with a Future" gives awards to outstanding examples of climate-friendly and sustainable mobility. This year, the VCÖ Salzburg Mobility Award goes to PALFINGER. “The projects we are giving awards to today are already helping to make mobility fit for the future,” emphasizes VCÖ expert Michael Schwendinger. The PALfit Bike project is a good example of this.

Award for PALfit Bike

PALfit Bike is one of the three building blocks of the PALFINGER mobility concept. Together with the existing subsidized public transportation tickets and car sharing, PALfit Bike is a notable expansion to PALFINGER’s sustainable mobility program. Around 200 employees are already using this environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to the car. Since May, it has been possible to “Get your PALfit Bike” at the company’s Austrian sites in Bergheim, Elsbethen, Köstendorf, Lengau and Vienna. A bike leased by PALFINGER is always available to the employees, regardless of whether it is for the journey to work, for business purposes or for leisure. “One in three employees in Salzburg lives less than five kilometers away from work; six out of ten less than ten kilometers. This is an ideal distance for covering by bike, providing there is sufficient cycling infrastructure. People who cycle to work are making an active contribution to climate protection while improving their fitness and doing something that is beneficial for their own health. With the leasing bike model, PALFINGER is creating an exemplary incentive for more employees to cycle to work instead of driving,” says VCÖ expert Schwendinger, congratulating PALFINGER on winning the award.

The VCÖ Salzburg Mobility Award is organized by the VCÖ in cooperation with the province of Salzburg and the ÖBB and supported by the Salzburg Mobility Office. Minister Stefan Schnöll, VCÖ Expert Schwendinger and ÖBB-Postbus Regional Manager Peter Schmolmüller handed over the VCÖ Salzburg Mobility Prize to Claudia Eigenherr-Tschugmell, Head of Company Health Management at PALFINGER. “This award confirms our approach to sustainable mobility,” says Eigenherr-Tschugmell, “and it is also an award for all our employees who have made a success of the PALfit Bike project.”


The international mechanical engineering firm of PALFINGER is the global leader for innovative crane and lifting solutions. With more than 11,600 employees, 34 manufacturing sites and a worldwide network of dealerships and maintenance centers at over 5,000 locations, PALFINGER is always close to the customer.

As the leader in its engineering field, the company aims to ensure its partners’ business success in the long term by providing solutions and products that remain economically and ecologically viable in the future. Its broad product and model portfolio allows PALFINGER to take digitalization and the deployment of artificial intelligence to new levels.

As a global company with strong roots in its home region, PALFINGER is convinced that thinking and acting in the interests of sustainability play a vital role in successful business operations. This is why the company assumes social, ecological and economic responsibility along the entire value chain.

PALFINGER AG has been listed on the Vienna stock exchange since 1999 and in 2020 achieved revenue of EUR 1.53 billion.


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