PALFINGER’s World Tour is a proven success


Experience solutions at first hand, take part in discussions, ask questions, give ratings - all this and much more was possible on PALFINGER’s World Tour. Nearly 6,000 people participated. The three-day online event has opened a new world of collaboration between PALFINGER and its stakeholders.

With almost 6,000 livestream visitors and 1,175 active users – PALFINGER’s World Tour attracted lively participation and strong interest. The digital event - held at PALFINGER World in Lengau from October 13 to 15th – far exceeded our expectations.

"It shows that our digital tools are greatly appreciated and well received by our business partners and customers," reports PALFINGER’s CEO Andreas Klauser happily.

Strong Interest

The PALFINGER World Tour showed our many strengths simultaneously. In the run-up to the event, customers and business partners worldwide were informed in advance using a landing page and targeted invitations. During this phase, around 200,000 people from 175 countries used the website. Just for the record, countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, and the USA generated the most clicks - reflecting their strong market presence. Also greatly represented and among the top 30 were customers from up-and-coming markets: countries in Central Asia, the Arab region and the Far East.

Direct Exchange

"We have succeeded in attracting interest and transforming it into active participation," says Klauser, and this is particularly clear from the interaction and use frequency during the PALFINGER World Tour. Over all three days, registered users from Europe, Russia and Asia grabbed the opportunity to gain invaluable information directly from PALFINGER experts, to comment on what was happening and to provide ratings. "This shows that there is a great willingness and need to touch base, make contacts and swap information online. Above all, it shows that there is great necessity for direct interaction. With our PALFINGER World Tour, we have succeeded in meeting this need," reports Klauser, "This is one of our strengths: We understand the challenges our customers and business partners are facing and assist them in creating the best solutions: with them and for them. Together we create values. We accept all challenges."

The World Tour: to be continued …

With its tagline "Challenge Accepted", the PALFINGER World Tour focused on the obstacles facing the industry and its customers and presented real solutions. In addition to addressing the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, special emphasis was put on the opportunities provided by digital transformation. "The PALFINGER World Tour perfectly reflected this transformation and has shown its importance as an invaluable platform for the exchange of ideas with and between our customers and business partners," is how Klauser sums up the successful event. In 2021 the PALFINGER World Tour is to be continued and intensified.

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PALFINGER (CEO Andreas Klauser) is a leading international manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions for use on commercial vehicles, ships and stationary equipment. Based in Bergheim, Austria, the PALFINGER Group develops and produces leading solutions for its customers and partners all over the world. With more than 11,000 employees and over 5,000 sales and service centers, PALFINGER is close to the market and to its customers.

As a technology leader, the company also drives digitalization, electrification and autonomous systems as central components for future solutions and products in order to secure a long term partnership and success with its customers.

Convinced that sustainable thinking and acting significantly contributes to economic success, PALFINGER takes social, ecological and economic responsibility along the entire value chain.

With this vision and conviction to offer the most efficient and innovative solutions for its customers and partners, PALFINGER generated total sales of EUR 1.75 billion in 2019.


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