Living responsibility


Corporate social responsibility has become increasingly important in recent years. Among other things, this raises the question of what companies do for society, what they give back to society. At PALFINGER, responsibility has been practiced for years.

Companies are an important part of society and of everyday life, which is why they bear responsibility and obligations towards it. Every action and every decision has a direct impact on society and people.

For PALFINGER, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves more than just complying with laws and regulations. It is the responsibility to actively and specifically contribute to the well-being of society. That is why PALFINGER, as a long-standing partner, supports projects and initiatives that create added value for society.


PALFINGER has been supporting the non-profit organization AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation) for more than 30 years and Kinderkrebshilfe Salzburg (Children's Cancer Aid Salzburg) for almost 20 years, to name just two projects.

As part of the partnership with Kinderkrebshilfe Salzburg, the 19th sports car outing took place on Saturday (June 24, 2023). "The sports car outing is a matter of the heart for PALFINGER. Giving the children a day full of variety and thus forgetting the hard everyday life is the ultimate goal of this event," says Hannes Roither, Group Spokesperson of PALFINGER AG.

In addition to a financial donation of 25,000 euros to the Children's Cancer Aid, PALFINGER is organizing a children's party for the children and their families, followed by a sports car trip to the Salzburg Zoo. This social commitment is not only a matter of concern to the Company; many PALFINGER employees and sports car drivers also make this event possible through their voluntary commitment.