The remuneration policy of PALFINGER AG was adopted at the 32nd Annual General Meeting on 5 August 2020. The remuneration policy formulates the principles to be applied when determining the remuneration of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of PALFINGER AG. In this context, the remuneration system implements the legal requirements of the Stock Corporation Act (sections 78 et seq. of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act (AktG)) and the recommendations of the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance (ÖCGK).

The executive board and supervisory board of a listed stock company shall prepare a clear and comprehensible remuneration report pursuant to § 78c para 1 of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act (AktG). The remuneration report shall provide information to the shareholders on the remuneration granted or owed to the executive board and the supervisory board and shall be submitted to the general meeting of shareholders every year for voting.

Remuneration Policy 2023

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